Dog Lameness

Top 5 Reasons Your Dog Needs A Chiropractor

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Are you tired of seeing your dog in pain or struggle with their loss of agility? Have you tried medications or other veterinary interventions to help relieve their discomfort, but haven’t seen the results you seek? If your dog hasn’t responded well or has had negative side effects from medications or other standard treatments, or if your dog isn’t a candidate for surgery, it may be time for you to consider a dog chiropractor. The following are the top five reason your dog needs a chiropractor.

1) Musculoskeletal Conditions

Degenerative Joint Disease (arthritis, osteoarthritis)

Disc Herniation

Hip Dysplasia

Joint Dysfunction

Lameness or Changes in Gait

Muscle Spasms

Neck, Back and Extremity Pain

Pain When Being Touched, Pet or Lifted

2) Neurological Conditions

Ataxia (“drunken sailors gait”)




3) Senior Dogs

Changes in Gait

Degenerative Arthritis

Difficulty Climbing Stairs or Jumping

Difficulty Standing Up From A Lying Position

Reluctance or Difficulty Lying Down From A Standing Position

4) Performance Dogs

Changes in Performance

Difficulty Going Through Weave Polls

Hesitating or Refusal of Jumps

Knocking Down Jumps

Lack of Coordination

5) Wellness

Maintenance of Joint and Spinal Health

Your dog can benefit from an adjustment whether they are showing symptoms or not. Waiting until your pet is in pain or can no longer walk as a result of certain musculoskeletal conditions is much more difficult to manage and no one wants to see their dog suffer. Schedule your free consultation so we can talk more in depth about your specific healthcare needs 720.350.4353.